Monday, October 28, 2013

Fall Is Upon Us

It's October and I am busy with the changing of seasons.  I am trying to wrap up gardening close up and winter prep, organizing the garage and wood shed to use during winter, and trying to hunt from time to time.

We are still waiting for that first kill.  We have been out hunting (it's bow season since October 1st here in Indiana) but haven't shot any.  Luckily we have seen quite a bit of activity, just not in range.  I feel this will be a good year if we are just patient and persistent.

I tilled up the majority of the garden yesterday.  I would like to say that finalizes that season, but I still have to knock down tomato plants, put away the gardening bench, and store the tomato cages.  Seems like there is always a lot to do, and never enough time to do it.  Job security anyway.

I am also in process of building a little lean to off of my new wood shed. That will allow for some dry storage of things we don't really need inside the shed.  Then we can reorganize and make room for the new-to-me wood stove in the shed!  That way I can stay warm when working and we can make better use of the space as our hunting shack.