Worrell Farms

The east half of the southwest quarter of Section 34 in Hendricks County Indiana has been in the same family since it was first homesteaded.  My wife belongs to that family.  When we were first married, we dreamed of building a house on that land.  Life has a way of getting in the way of your dreams, and we have lived in five other houses in our nearly 20 years of marriage.  We never have built that house.

Once we lived on the property, but moved away.  Fate has brought us back and we live in one of the two existing homes on the property.  There is still a dream of building a different house, but not the same dream as when we were young.  When we were young, we didn't dream of actually working the property.

In the last year our children have moved us from just living on the land, to living off the land.  We now hunt the land and eat what we kill.  We are raising chickens so we have our own eggs.  Our spring break will be spent planting a large garden with the intent of feeding our family and selling the excess at the farmers' market.

When we lived here the first time I kept track of all the nature that we experienced.  We were merely spectators.  Now we are active participants with nature.

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