Thursday, November 14, 2013

In my last few posts I mentioned the woodshed and my attempts to clean it up and make it a usable space.  I still haven't put the wood burning stove in, but I did get all my wood working equipment in place.  I also got the old barn doors from a building in Crawfordsville and mounted those.  

This picture shows the doors from the inside.  The day we put them up, I wouldn't leave the building because I had never been inside of it with the door closed.  All cleaned up and with these beautiful doors I just couldn't leave so I cleaned up and organized a little more.

 This picture is from the outside.  The table will move, it was just a work surface during construction.  At first I was going to paint the entire building and doors white.  But when I put them up, I realized that I like the contrast and may repaint the entire building, but white for the building and red for the doors.

Interesting story about where the doors came from.  The building I work in was originally the heating plant for the city of Crawfordsville.  Originally on that site was a cabin owned by Ambrose Whitlock.  From that cabin were sold land parcels, one of which was the east half of the southwest quarter of Section 34 in Hendricks County.  So the doors on a building where Daniel Kiger purchased his parcel of land, now are in use on that very piece of land.

I find that to be oddly coincidental, and somewhat fortuitous that the Lord has brought me to this position in life with a chance to salvage these doors.

Next up, the wood stove.  Because we need heat as winter approaches.