Sunday, March 24, 2013

They Keep Growing & Growing & Growing

If you believe this blog is a how to, you might be mistaken. It probably qualifies more as humor. As in, it's hilarious to think corn planted indoors on March 10th won't get too big. As in, tomatoes planted on March 10th might get too big. As in, you haven't planted lettuce yet?

Well, an expert I am not. I lept into indoor seed starting, then I looked around for advice. That means today I spent some time transplanting corn to bigger containers. I reused some styrofoam cups to make myself feel a little better. You can see so far so good. I hope they tolerate the move.

On another note, the great celery experiment is thriving. Look at how well they have grown since planting in an old milk jug. It went so well, I am trying it with green onions now.

My tomatoes and peppers look good so far. I need to get some more dirt and get another batch started.

I will also do some lettuce and a lot of onions too.

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