Monday, March 19, 2012

One Goat Two Goat...Fainting Goat Dwarf Goat

When we first got our chickens, we also planned on getting goats.  Shortly after that decision, we committed to take a baby fainting goat from one of our farmer friends.  We thought we were going to wait for it to be three months, so it could be weaned from it's mother.  Susan has decided otherwise, and wants to take it now and bottle feed it.

That means that over the weekend we had to get the stall prepared for Gus' arrival.  Yes, his name is Gus the goat.  Yesterday Zach, Jared, and I fixed the stall door, and did a few other chores to get the place ship shape.  Meanwhile, on Saturday night at the church fundraiser, I got involved in a discussion with some other backyard farmers.  The long story short, in addition to Gus, we will be acquiring two Dwarf Nigerian goats.  We feel like they will help make the transition for Gus easier and help protect him a little bit.

That means that in our first month of this adventure, we will have acquired 2 roosters, 6 laying hens, 4 chicks, 2 dwarf nigerian goats, and 1 baby fainting goat.  By the way, thanks to at least one of the 3 dogs we already owned, we are down to 2 chicks.  

Next up, more chicks from a science project one of Susan's fellow teachers is doing.  We are also seriously considering a dairy goat.  It's a good thing I like hard work.

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