Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Our Chickens Are Spoiled

I forgot to mention this in yesterday's post.  On Sunday when we were preparing the barn for Gus' arrival, we didn't want to miss the NASCAR race at Bristol Motor Speedway.  The boys and I took a small TV from the house, with an HDTV amplified antenna, and set it up in the barn so we could hear and occasionally watch the action.

While we were discussing the plans for this in the house, my daughter Grace thought we were talking about switching rooms.  She wanted to trade with her brothers since they had a TV.  We told her we weren't talking about switching rooms, and that the TV was going to the barn.

Well, Grace was flabbergasted.  "Our chickens are spoiled" she exclaimed.  When she continued, "Why do our chickens even want to watch TV?", we all started laughing.  I guess if we go down to the barn and find the TV on, we will know that they do in fact want to watch TV.

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