Sunday, May 26, 2013

Grace's Garden

Grace brought home four plants from a school project. A pinto bean, Lima bean, corn, and radish were all started in cotton balls. When I asked her about planting them in the garden, her response was that she wanted her own garden.

Yesterday she was a bit bored and wanted to hang out with daddy. So we planted potatoes. She didn't really like how icky seed potatoes are, so she mostly supervised.

Then we moved on to her garden. We tilled up some new space, about the size of four dishwashers at Grace's request. We bordered it with some old barn posts, and got to planting.

She has the Lima bean and pinto bean from school. We added a big boy tomato plant and a sweet pepper plant. The radish and corn from school start her row of corn and a row of radish and carrot. She also planted rows of lettuce, broccoli, green onion, and cucumber.

This is her watering her garden once it was all in. It was a good way to hang out with my daughter on the east half if the southwest quarter

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