Tuesday, May 21, 2013

It's A Two Beer Garden

Last night I went out around 8:30, after the heat, the baseball game, and before the rain.  I planted a row of green beans, two rows of cucumbers, two rows of squash, and four rows of sweet corn.  That pretty much fills the original 20 x 60 area I tilled.

I may have omitted posting, this manual labor kind of wears me out, but we have successfully transplanted the corn, tomatoes, peppers, celery, and onions that were started inside.  So the only spot left in the garden area is where I will do a second planting of carrots, peas, lettuce, broccoli, and cabbage.

I wasn't sure of the rain since we had been expecting it all day and it still had not come.  So I decided to be safe and water the garden myself.  I grabbed a beer and a hose on the gentle shower setting and started to work.

As you probably know, in addition to being an amateur gardener, I am an amateur chef.  One of the things I like to make is a roux, for when I am doing gravy, gumbo, jambalaya, etc.  I believe Emeril coined the phrase Two Beer Roux.  If not, he popularized it according to Google.  Instead of talking about the color of the rue being very light to very dark, or giving the time in minutes, he refers to his roux as one, two or three beer rouxs.  In essence, you cook them as long as it takes you to drink that many bottles, or pints as regional variation would dictate, of your favorite beer.

As I began watering I assumed I had a one beer garden.  I instantly panicked and thought I have to plant more if I am going to water regularly.  As I finished watering I thought I would talk to the plants, as I have heard that helps them grow.  But having consumed two beers with no dinner, I was afraid the plants might find me obnoxious.

Once I get the potatoes and sweet potatoes in, this may turn into a three beer ordeal.  I may need to bring a cooler to the east half of the southwest quarter..

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