Monday, April 1, 2013


I was born in Tennessee so I should be a fan of volunteers. More on that in a minute.

Last year I kept getting rained out of tilling up my garden. The result was a very late planting. Last weekend when I told that the asparagus patch I noticed how dry the ground was.

I decided to take advantage of that by telling up a section of my garden tonight. This is about 20 x 60, much smaller than last year but good for my indoor starts and early planting. I plan on staggering my starts this year In order to stagger my harvest times.

Back to the volunteers. I was talking to my gardening mentors about garlic and onion and how they might still be in the garden from last year. Sure enough, a few garlic and onion "volunteers" are there as you see in this picture. I tilled right up to them and left them undisturbed. I'll weed around them and throw in a little compost and hope for the best here on east half of the southwest quarter .....

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